Simone Biles Vs Suni Lee: Gymnastics Uneven Bar Records Comparison

Simone Biles is arguably the best gymnast and she's the GOAT. However, Suni Lee is equally best, and she's the legend of uneven bars. Let's have a look at the story.

Simone Biles's  Uneven Bar score

Simone Biles is human, at least when she competes on the uneven bars. Biles posted a fine score — 14.966

Credit- Women Sports/YouTube

Suni Lee Uneven Bar Score

Suni Lee nailed one of the most difficult routines in the world and scored 15.300. The highest bars score of the Olympics so far.

Credit- Women Sports/YouTube

Suni Lee vs Simone Biles Uneven Bar record comparison

Heading 2

The uneven bar is the strength of Suni Lee and Biles on the other hand is not that good at it. Suni Lee has the highest bars score in the Olympics. However, Simone Biles has her best score of 14.966.

What Suni Lee said after defeating Biles

"I know it probably won't happen again, But I was really excited."

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