Stanley Cup Finals Win to Playoff Matches- Top 5 NHL moments of the Last decade

The last decade of NHL league play went on a whole different level and displayed some of its best plays in the Stanley Cup Matches in 2019. Especially the St. Louis Blues gave a stunning performance and gave memorable moments to the NHL fans. The Es team has brought the top five moments of NHL from the last decade that took out the hearts of the NHL fans and gave them thrills.

Tampa Bay Lightning Vs Columbus Blue Jackets

During the 2019 NHL Stanley Cup playoffs, the match between Tampa Bay Lightning and Columbus Blue Jackets was particularly significant. The Blue Jackets advanced into the Stanley Cup series with a score of 3-7.

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Vegas Golden Knights Vs San Jose Sharks

The comeback from the San Jose Sharks is still the biggest comeback of all time during the 2019 Stanley Cup playoffs. San Jose made a comeback and scored 4 goals with just 11 minutes remaining on the clock to win the match with the score of 3-4.

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Carolina Hurricanes Vs Washington Capitals

During Stanley Cup Playoffs, the last goal from the match between Carolina Hurricanes and Washington Capitals stands third on the list of TOP NHL moments, The decisive goal from Hurricanes' center was played with 8 minutes remaining on the clock that made CAR win the match by 4-3.

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St. Louis Blues Vs Dallas Stars

During the Stanley Cup playoffs, St. Louis Blues did a decisive goal with 14 seconds remaining on the clock. That goal is considered a great NHL moment and is the number 4 best moment during the last decade. The Blues won that match with a score of 2-1.
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St. Louis Blues Vs Boston Bruins

The top NHL moment of the last decade was the 2019 NHL Stanley Cup final between Boston Bruins and St. Louis Blues. St. Louis Blues defeated the Boston Bruins in the 7th game with a 4-1 score and won the series of games 4-3.

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