Swimming GOAT Michael Phelps Dazzled His Fans By Sharing His Stunning Workout On Instagram

Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympic athlete with 28 Olympic medals under his belt. He holds the record for the most number of Olympic gold medals in an individual event by winning 13 Gold medals. Phelps finally retired from the sport of swimming after the Rio Olympics. But, he's still fit.

Phelps regularly goes to the gym 

Even after retiring from the Olympics, Phelps regularly goes to the gym with his wife, Nicole, and has swimming sessions with his children. He takes fitness very seriously and posts updates about his workouts on his Instagram account. 

Phelps recently posted squat workout

"LFG keendog!! The zurcher squat.. Feeling good!!! Can't stop, won't stop."

Michael Phelps/Instagram

Phelps motivates his fans to work out

Heading 2

Through his Instagram account, Phelps motivates his fans to work out. With a series of Instagram posts, Michael showcases how he is still very motivated and dedicated to maintaining his fitness. Despite not being an active athlete, he is still a regular gym goer and a fitness freak.

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