Swimming GOAT Michael Phelps Still Unmatched In World Record Since 2008

The swimming GOAT Michael Phelps' records in swimming are not unbeatable in the junior categories. However, in the overall men's category, the legend is still unbeatable. Take a look at the record which the "Pool King" is reigning since 2008.

Swimming GOAT is still the best!

According to new stats released by Swimming Stats, Michael Phelps is still on the first place.

What event did the stats cover?

The stats covered the Men's 400 Individul medley whose record still belongs to the GOAT Michael Phelps with timing of 4 minutes and 03.84 seconds.

The record belongs to year

The record of men's 400 IM which is still unbroken belongs to the year 2008 that was made at Summer Olumpics, Beijing.

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