Swimming legend Michael Phelps’ top 5 iconic career races

Whenever we talk about swimming, Michael Phelps is the name that strikes automatically on our minds. He's the swimming GOAT for a reason. Let's have a look at the top races of Swimming GOAT Michael Phelps.

2004 Olympic Games – 400 Individual Medley

Going into the Athens Games, there was considerable hype about Phelps contesting eight events and chasing Spitz’s record. But Phelps wasn’t looking at the meet in its entirety when he stepped on the blocks for his first event. Rather, he was merely thinking about claiming his first Olympic title, which he managed by posting a world-record time.

 2009 World Championships – 100 Butterfly

The chatter lit a fire in Phelps, who has always sought forms of motivation. Despite trailing early, Phelps rallied down the stretch and set a world record. Demonstrating how much the victory meant, Phelps tugged on his suit as an obvious message to Cavic.

Credit- Sports Network/YouTube

2008 Olympic Games – 100 Butterfly

Heading 2

Already with six gold medals secured, Phelps faced his final individual test in the 100 fly. With the United States heavily favored to win the medley relay, a victory in the 100 fly would make eight gold medals a near lock. With 10 meters left, it looked like Phelps’ perfection would end, as Serbia’s Milorad Cavic had a clear lead.

2008 Olympic Games – 400 Individual Medley

Every push for greatness starts somewhere and Phelps’ eight-gold week in Beijing began with a dazzling exhibition in the 400 individual medley. Over eight laps, Phelps put on a show and took the world record down by more than a second to 4:03.84, where it remains to this day.

2008 Olympic Games – 200 Freestyle

This race was over on the start. While Phelps has been known for remarkable finishes and his ability to run down the opposition, the 200 freestyle at the Beijing Games was a four-lap coronation. Phelps opened up a body-length lead by the 50-meter mark and kept widening his advantage with every stroke, until he touched in world-record time, and the first sub-1:43 performance in history.

Credit- Olympics/YouTube

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