Three Reasons from a 38-Year-Old Bodybuilding Coach to Stop Obsessing Over Heavy Lifting

Marcus Filly was a regular sight at the CrossFit games. He has lately shifted his focus to training and has founded functional bodybuilding, which prioritizes quality over intensity in workouts.

First reason: Nobody cares

As Filly says, "You are far more likely to impress somebody with the technique you use instead of how much weight you have on the bar."

What really builds muscle is training to failure

 "I can't lift as much for 20 reps as I can for 10 reps, yet both can build muscle, and arguably they both do just as good a job when we train close to failure. Weight, outside the context of reps, makes no sense."

Lifting heavy makes you more prone to injuries

"An injury en route to chasing five more pounds might just set you back far enough that the risk is greater than the reward," warns Filly.

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