USWNT Star Megan Rapinoe unveiled her super effective wellness routine

The soccer star accomplishes big things both on and off the field in style, too. And that’s one of the reasons why Rapinoe was on board to share a curation of breathable, versatile cotton pieces — like cozy bralettes and boy short sets — as a VS Collective member with Victoria’s Secret.

Rapinoe hopes to blur the lines between fashion and life 

“I always have an eye on that,”

Megan Rapinoe added

“I asked myself, ‘How can I curate something that brings out a sense of confidence?’ That’s really the ultimate goal.” 

Megan Rapinoe typical morning routine

Heading 2

"It's pretty simple. I just get up, brush my teeth and splash some water on my face, get myself awake, and head straight to the coffee."

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