Wicked Story Behind "'Aliens' Creator James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger

The “Alien” franchise is a collection of bizarre behind-the-scenes stories that nearly saw Sigourney Weaver miss out on the three sequels for various reasons. But James Cameron has revealed that when he originally wrote “Aliens,” with the help of longtime producers Walter Hill and David Giler

James Cameron told the story about lying to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s agent

Cameron talked to GQ about the tough road trying to get Weaver signed on for “Aliens” and the way her agents were playing hardball. He thought she should get what her agents were asking for, but 20th Century Fox wasn’t budging. So he told the story about lying to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s agent about this idea to rewrite the script

What James Cameron said on it?

“I called up Lou Pitt, Arnold’s agent, and I said, ‘Lou, we’re kind of over this. So, we’ve decided that we really like the story and all the Marine Corps characters and the world we’ve created and everything. And really, we’ve thought about it, and we really just don’t need Sigourney,”

James Cameron added

“I’ve created all these characters, and my pride of authorship tells me I should go ahead with this, and we’ll just cut her out of it, and we’ll just cut her character out of it. We won’t recast it; I’ll just rewrite it. So, I’m going to start on that tonight.”

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