World Championship Puts His Bets on Hurdle Race Champion Karsten When Compared With Pole Vaulter Ahead of Zurich Diamond League

Noah Lyles took the victory in every category that he competed at the World Athletics Championship in Hungary, Budapest. Now, the American athlete is warming up for the Zurich Diamond League, ahead of which Noah made a surprising comment and placed a bet on a fellow athlete.

World Champion, Hurdle race master and pole vaulter appear for a get together

Recently, the official Twitter page of Zurich Diamond League posted a video of the World Champion Noah Lyles, 400m hurdle race winner Karsten Warholm, and record-holder pole-vaulter Armand Duplantis in one frame having various discussions.

Karsten Vs Duplantis..who is better?

When Lyles was questioned about choosing the better between Karsten Warholm and Armand Duplantis, Noah put his “money on” Karsten rather than Duplantis.
Credit- Wanda Diamond League/ Twitter

Duplantis' reply on Noah's blunt choice

When Noah said that he hadn’t seen Duplantis using “blocks” much, the American got back a bit and accepted the choice as he knew he would “gonna look like a tat” in front of Karsten.
Credit- Wanda Diamond League/ Twitter

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