Zurich’s Tracks Ready to Be Set on Fire by Shoes of Sprinters Noah Lyles, Sha’Carri Richardson and Shericka Jackson Ahead of Diamond League 2023

Diamond League 2023 will commence on the 31st of August, and this time, world champion and record breakers like Sha'Carri Richardson, Noah Lyles, and Shericka Jackson are the top contenders for winning the title in the sprinting world. Take a look at the present position on the global platform of track and field.

The sprinting beast: Noah Lyles

With his treble win in men’s 100m, 200m, and 4x100m categories, Noah Lyles is eyeing every major track and field title, eventually climbing up to the Gold at the Olympics in 2025. However, his compatriot Erriyon Knighton is there to challenge the ‘Rising Legend’ Lyles.

The fastest woman in the world: Sha'Carri Richardson

Sha’Carri Richardson stood up to her title of fastest woman in the world after being crowned the 100m sprint winner in Budapest. Nevertheless, Elaine Thompson-Herah might present a strong competition to American athletes.

Jamaican prodigy Shericka Jackson

Shericka Jackson is another top-notch sprinter who clinched the victory in women's 200m at the World Athletics Championship, carrying on the Jamaican legacy in track and field. However, Alison dos Santos will be in the Diamond League to avenge her world title.

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