Noah Lyles Eyeing on Shattering Another Record of Usain Bolt After Breaking the Sprinting Legend’s Record in Seven Years

Noah Lyles secured a stunning win at the 100 m men's finals of the World Athletics Championship. Still, the American athlete is looking forward to breaking another record of Usain Bolt after surpassing him in 200m races completed under 20 seconds.

The record that took 7 years of Noah Lyles to break!

In July 2023, during the Diamond League Event in London, Lyles surpassed Usain Bolt in the highest number of 200m races completed in under 20 seconds and raised the race count to 35.

Another record to shatter in the range of Noah Lyles

Even after establishing a new record, going on par with Usain Bolt, Lyles is not done yet. The 26-year-old is now focused on the 200m finals to break Bolt's record of 19.19 seconds.

Blaster performance from Lyles at men's 100m finals!

Noah Lyles' 100m final performance was magnificent as the American athlete got the first podium after finishing the race in just 9.83 seconds.

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