56-Year-Old Englishman Skydives for Charity Just Months After a Life-Saving Kidney Transplant

Months after going through a deadly operation, Scott Cather performed a skydive for a noble cause, leaving the world astounded. This superhero-like stunt grabbed the attention of social media, where Cather received tons of well wishes and appreciation. Let's dive deep and find out the inner story.

Scott Cather painful journey

The North Lanarkshire resident, Scott Cather, was suffering from a severe kidney issue, which landed him on dialysis for a few months. Day by day, they were losing hope; however, on one fine morning in December 2022, they received a call stating they found a kidney donor with a complete match.

Cather finally recovered

Upon receiving the call, they rushed to the hospital to perform a risky surgery, where the medical group aced. Cather and his wife couldn't be more grateful to the kidney transplantation group of the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital or QEUH and decided to pay them back.

The unique way of showing appreciation

Right after 7 months, Cather took a daring leap when he sky-dived at Skydive St Andrews to raise money for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, two charity organizations. The authority at the QEUH expressed their heartiest gratitude.

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