VIDEO: Man Runs Over Ex-Girlfriend in Disturbing Incident, Sends Her Flying

Published 08/23/2023, 10:33 AM EDT

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The human mind is unpredictable and it is often impossible to gauge what emotions a certain act or incident can draw out of people. As with everything else, there always exits two extremes, one good and one bad.

A bizarre and deadly clip surfaced online that showed the moment anger, hurt, and pain took control over a man’s mind, leading to devastating things.

Man takes fatal revenge against ex-girlfriend


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In a viral video clip uploaded on the platform X by the page ‘Human Nature’, the video showed the moment a man lets his emotions overpower his rationality. The video, captured by a bystander on the streets, showed an SUV racing on the road at full speed crashing into a woman standing on the road.

The impact of the crash was so deadly that it sent the woman flying and she twirled several times in the air before tumbling to the ground.

The caption of the video provided much-needed context to the actions of the man. It is believed that the man was the woman’s ex-partner and he expressed his displeasure with her choice to leave him through the horrific action. The man slammed his car into her and left onlookers in total shock.

He crashed the car into another one as he tried to make his escape. The video ended with the man walking out of the car in a fit of rage as the people rushed to the scene. The video left viewers in a state of shock

The internet expresses disgust and disdain at the incident

The bizarre and horrific video left all the viewers in shock and disgust. Let us take a look at how the internet reacted.

Jennelle offered a word of advice for everyone in the comments.

The user spoke about the person who wrote the caption for the video and called them blind, for using the word “attempts”.

This user above offered a more accurate caption for the video.

This user expressed his feelings about the incident with a GIF and called the entire incident a GTA scene.


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The user here feared for the woman’s life and believed that it looked critical for her.


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The video certainly is not for the faint-hearted. The poor woman had no idea what was about to come her way and how bad their fight would develop. The man definitely needs to be held and arrested for his clear attempt to murder and also endangering the public. We can only hope the woman in the video makes a full recovery and pray for her well-being.

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