68-Year-Old Bicyclist Tragically Killed in California Vehicle Collision

Can anyone believe that a simple bicycle ride can be fatal? Yes, it is hard to believe, but this is exactly the incident that occurred on a calm evening on 28th July in California. The evening was like any other evening that was pleasant as usual until the incident took place at San Bernardino. A sudden tragic incident changed the entire scenario, leaving everyone mourning.

A tragic collision leads to death

Sergio Chi Medina, a 68-year-old cyclist, met a tragic end followed by a collision with a vehicle. 28th July’s evening was alike other evenings when Medina chose to spend his leisure time exercising by bicycling. But unfortunately, at 8:25 pm., the entire scenario took a tragic turn when a vehicle collided with Medina’s bicycle leaving him fatally injured.

Medina’s condition post-accident

The accident was undoubtedly fatal as when San Bernardino County Sheriff's department took Medina to hospital; he was already immensely bleeding, which landed him in death, as mentioned by the doctors.

The puzzle is yet to be solved

The authority has embarked on an investigation process to solve the puzzle of how a normal evening experienced such an uncertain incident. However, nothing has become clear till now. For the initial time being, the authority has suggested maintaining the safety process while cycling.

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68-Year-Old Bicyclist Got Tragically Struck and Killed by Vehicle in California