73-Year-Old Grandfather of Six Gears Up to Shatter World Records With Daring Skydive

Age can never be a barrier, and this is something that the 73-year-old business tycoon has proven to shatter world records. Larry Connor, the adventure seeker, nurtures a passion for exploring the unusual and spine-thrilling aspects. Now, to add to his previous records, he steps up for skydiving along with a team of combat para-rescue.

Conor is preparing to embrace the risk

Considering his age, it is indeed risky for him; however, when taking risks is his passion, then nothing can stop him. Thus, depending on his willpower, he is preparing himself for a 35000-foot high altitude, low opening or HALO skydiving. 

A small team will assist him

The Ohio-based real-estate business enthusiast will be traveling to the diving spot through the nation's largest hot-air balloon, and also, with a combat para-rescue team of four, he will attempt his record-breaking dive. 

Conor’s previous record

This is not the first time when Conor will be attempting such a task; instead, he has already explored space by spending 17 days up there and also dived 36000 feet deep in the world's largest ocean, the Pacific.

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