At 104, Chicago’s Fearless Dorothy Hoffner Skydives Into the Record Books, Then Gracefully Exits the Stage

Some people are born to leave their mark in history, and Dorothy Hoffner is among them, as she recently made history as the oldest woman to successfully skydive. Unfortunately, a week later, Hoffner peacefully passed away.

Dorothy created history

Fueled by an indomitable zest for exploration and an adventurous heart, Hoffner recently created history by performing a leap into the clouds near Ottawa. Setting an unbreakable world record, she became the epitome of inspiration, stunning the world with her willpower.

Credit: Twitter

 Her journey to paradise

Sadly, Hoffner passed away peacefully in her sleep on October 10, only a week after achieving her unparalleled world record, and was discovered by The Brooke Lake View senior living community staff on Monday morning.

The world mourned the loss

The United States Parachute Association & Skydive Chicago expressed their heartfelt condolences, stating, 'We are forever grateful that skydiving was a part of her exciting, well-lived life." Just after the news was shared, she received an outpouring of love and condolences from fans across the globe.

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