Carolina Beach Set to Host “Surf Dog Experience” to Help the Fur Babies Find a Loving Home

As a compassionate gesture, Carolina Beach is organizing the Surf Dog Experience for a noble cause. Annually, the beach takes the limelight with its event, supporting homeless fur babies. Let's delve deeper to find out more.

Carolina Beach aims to support a rescue organization

The Beach's yearly event financially supports the Freedom Bridge Animal Rescue. This organization fosters dogs until they find their forever homes.

2023 brings grand success to the effort

Like every year, this year, the organization received immense support. The event successfully raised $ 4,000 to help save the lives of abandoned dogs like Lil Bit, who has been an iconic figure in surfing events for the past seven years.

Lil Bit’s journey to the waves

Lil Bit has been rigorously involved in fundraising, and her journey to the never-ending waves is fascinating. Following the tragic death of her pet, a Raleigh resident donated a generous amount to the Surf Dog registration, which enabled Lil Bit to begin her surfing journey.

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