Essential Fall Cycling Gear: Blend Safety With Style on Your Commute

As the vibrant color of autumn takes the environment into its embrace, your passionate heart might drive you to explore the surroundings through paddling. Here are the five most essential cycling gears to ensure a seamless cycling experience in this unpredictable autumn season. The uncertain rains, chilly wind in the morning or sudden heat surge during noon are prone to create obstacles. Thus, opt for stylish cycling gears to safeguard you.

Dahon Unio E20

Ideally designed, the Dahon Unio E20 is a perfect eco-friendly foldable ride for urban transportation. The durable aluminium frame is easy to fold, essential for urban parking. Additionally, its 200W mid-motor ensures a hassle-free, comfortable ride.

Zipster Rain Jacket

The Zipster Rain Jacket is an irreplaceable gear for autumn, considering the uncertainty of the rain. The two-layer recycled ripstop fabric of the rain jacket with exuberant colors delivers comfort with style.

Bikie Girl Bloomers and Skirts

Made with 80% nylon and 20% spandex, the Bikie Girl shorts are an irreplaceable wardrobe choice for active women. The high-stretch shorts are practical for yoga or cycling, providing the utmost comfort. 

Tern Short Haul

The lightweight, low-priced cargo bike, Short Haul, is made of high-quality metal and is effective for riders with 4.10 inches to 6.3 inches height. This affordable bike can bear 35.4 pounds, and its long wheelbase makes it appropriate for every family member.

Five Ten Sleuth

The versatile shoe is an irreplaceable gear for the cyclist community, ensuring style and comfort at the same time. It comes with Nubuck leather with a shoelace design on the upper portion, making it durable and eye-hooking.

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