Heartbreaking Accident Claims Lives of 8-Year-Old Avid Athlete and Stepdad in Jet Ski Mishap

A fun activity would turn out to be brutal; that must haven't been thought by the 36-year-old father and 8-year-old son. A terrifying accident recently occurred to claim the duo's lives, leaving the family with remorse. With a heavy heart, the family bided adieu to their loved ones while recalling their lovable nature.

The fatal weekend

The father-son duo, both fond of outdoor activities, planned to spend their weekend with a jet-ski ride exploration. But little did they know that their enthusiasm would lead them to a fatal end.

A brutal accident took place

Their jet ski collided with a barge that was struck there around 7:30 pm. The cadaver of Steven White, 36, was discovered right on the spot, but Blake Brainard, 7, was found dead the next day at roughly 6.40 pm. According to Boating Officer Clay Hetland, jet skis are not meant to be operated after sunset, and everyone needs to follow the boating rules.

The family left awestruck

The hard-to-believe incident still haunts the family as they still have yet to process that their child, an avid athlete and his stepfather, renowned for his kindheartedness, have left them forever.

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