Hollywood Actor Lampoons Texas A&M Coach Jimbo Fisher After His Consistent Losses

Hope is slowly fading for the Texas A&M football team under their current coach's reign. Since their victory in 2013, the team has been on a downward slope. Now, the Actor and comedian Matt Besser called out coach Jimbo Fisher's lackluster performance.

Besser found it funny

The A&M football team has become controversial after their back-to-back defeat. Besser mentioned Fisher's massive contract amount to poke at the team's renowned coach, Jimbo Fisher, and their faulty decision-making.

Besser made a comparison

Besser also made a brutish comparison between two similar teams, Arkansas and A&M Football teams. Despite considerable talents within the team, Arkansas couldn’t make it in the previous season as they ended with a 5-7 record. Mentioning the same, Besser remarked if Arkansas is bad, then A&M is very bad.

A&M is in an adverse situation

After only four seasons at Florida State, Fisher let the team win the BCS National Championship. Since then, the team's glory has been on the decline as they have suffered significant losses.

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