Manchester United Partners With Adidas and British Skate Pro: Fans Erupt in Mixed Reactions

The globally renowned soccer club Manchester United, which drafted the legendary player Cristiano Ronaldo, is again facing backlash. The club recently shared a video indicating significant changes and received fans' piercing comments. 

The club released a promotional video

On the official Instagram account, the club released a video starring the London-based renowned skater and artist Darius Trabalza, skating around the iconic Trafford Stadium, wearing a United-themed jersey produced by Adidas. The club shared the video with the caption, “United, it’s a lifestyle.”

Credit: Manchester United Instagram

The brand’s promotional activity

Through the video, the brand hinted about collaborating with the British skater. Sitting on No. 9, the club is undoubtedly spending hard times to regain their glory. At this juncture, their association with a different sport apart from soccer lands their fans in a frustrating situation.

Unusual reactions from the fans

As soon as the advertisement went live, fans expressed their dissatisfaction. While some wrote, "Keep your focus on football, "others commented, "We are a football club, not a money-churning brand."

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