Teenage Girl Involved in Verbal Dispute Escalates to Physical Altercation on Street

Anger is a tiny word with a mighty weight. How anger can turn a picture upside down, it has an eminent proof in this story. In a recent viral video, the world encounters an incident where a playground suddenly turned into a battleground, followed by a racial comment by a white girl. Social media has different views to express.

Racial comment infuriates the crowd

At the start of the video, the audience can see a white girl sitting in a place surrounded by a bunch of children. Moving forward, it became clear that the girl had made an abusive comment to the black children, which provoked them to show their rage.

The incident took an unexpected turn

Upon feeling unsafe around the bunch of children, the girl started apologizing, but it was too late as one of them stepped forward and punched her head. Soon after, the group attacked her unitedly and kept on pounding her violently. The incident got mixed response from the world.


Did the violence take it too far?

As soon as the page Freakouts & Fights shared the street fight, it spread like wildfire. While a range of audience commented against the violence, at the same time, a few expressed their thought, stating, 'Deserved.'

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