The 5 Most Extensive Cycling Routes in England

England has garnered itself with the spectrum of natural beauties. Captivating hilly ways, the valleys' astounding beauty, the beach's calming sights, etc., are some of the most dazzling beauties of the European landscape. Undoubtedly, exploring the wonders of nature on bikes can easily be considered among the most memorable experiences. Thus, this story will focus on England's five lengthiest cycling routes.

National Cycle Network

Expanded from Dover, England, to Tain, Scotland, the route bears a length of 1264 miles. This east coast trail is the longest biking route in England. Starting from the edges of the United Kingdom, the course will take you to Northern Scotland through the scenic beauty of the local villages, coastlines, etc. It also lets you grab a glimpse of the bustling capital, London. 

Land’s End to John O’Groats

The route starts from the southwestern part of England and extends upto the most northern point of Scotland, with a length of 1189 miles. The trail passes through the Cornwall beaches, quaint country roads, ancient castles, etc., to cover the entire route; cyclists are advised to choose all-terrain bikes to ensure a swift experience.

Great North Trail

The Great North Trail is expanded to 825 miles through a steep, rough trail. It will be dumb to ride this coarse route with normal bicycle as the rugged path of the trail can only be handled by a mountain bike. However, cycling in this risky way is worthy enough for the unsettling beauty of the surroundings.

The Pennine Cycleway

This route is for those who prefer to be in the locality to experience the surrounding civilization instead of cycling in the lonely ways amidst nature. The three parts of the 350-mile-based route, South Pennies, North Pennies, and Peak District, will let to venture into little traffic routes.

The Old Chalk Way

One of the most renowned historic paths is the Old Chalk Way, the Greater Ridgeway. The route was the pivotal trading route nearly 5,000 years ago. It has become the ideal path for gravel riders and passionate hikers.

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