The New Northaven Trail Bridge: A Marvelous Addition for Cycling Enthusiasts

TxDOT brings exciting news for the Dallas residents and trail enthusiasts who love to explore the Northaven Trail. TxDOT embraced a $9.3 million project to connect five trails with the US-75. The pedestrians and hikers find it immensely helpful as they till now were facing tantrums to reach the locations the bridge aims to connect.

The location of the pedestrian bridge

It is an enormous bridge situated at the intersections of Forest Lane and Royal Lane. Between Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, the local residents gathered to have their first sight of the 201-foot, 800,000-pound arch, which still has some finishing work due.

The bridge will ensure safety

According to Jeff Kitner, the President of Friends of the Northaven Trail, the residents must cross a central position of the highway to reach the other side; however, the bridge ensures a safe route for pedestrians and cyclists.

Cyclists’ excitement needs no bound

The bridge, renowned as the 'Low Five', connects five trails and its surrounding places altogether. The Fort Worth to White Rock Lake will be easily accessible to the cyclist, which becomes a significant reason for celebration to them. According to the cyclist Charles Gatling, 'The easier it is to get around…'

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