Top 5 Beginner-Friendly Dirt Bike Tricks to Master Easily

Bike racing is fascinating for adventure seekers. It is a sport that infuses thrill, excitement and lots and lots of experience. On a similar row, the dart bike racing has its own set of fans. But there's a tiny difference between standard and dart racing as dart racing involves driving through dirt, mud and uneven routes while regular racing lets the riders drive through a smooth track. Thus, this story will focus on the five easiest tricks to master dirt biking.

One hander

The riders who prefer letting go of their hands in between the drive must ensure that their leg remains attached to the bike to squeeze and keep the balance intact.

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This tip is precious for riders who love jumping on a high note. When you jump, make sure you spread your leg and let the air pass under you. This will help you land flexibly with your bike.


Wheelie is pretty cool to watch, and by following a few easy steps, you can quickly get it done. All you need to do is slow down, then control your clutch, throttle and brake. Apart from that, you must get the idea of using rare brakes to get the front wheel down.


The most straightforward tip for performing the stoppie is sitting towards the front of the bike while picking up the back wheel. If you sit in the regular place, then your weight will not let your bike lean forward and pick the back wheel.


Donut is useful in race; if you find yourself stuck at some point with a blocked road, then you just need to put your foot down on the ground, lean the bike over and pop the cluster. Your back wheel will start spinning, then hold the bike and throttle around.

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