VIDEO: Multiple Riders Involved in a Disastrous MotoGP Crash Right as the Championship Race Starts

The MotoGP session never fails to give spine-chilling experiences to its fans. In light of this, India is having the MotoGP session for the first time in the entire history of the sport. Undoubtedly, the inaugural match will provide the Indian fans with an unmatched level of excitement, but little did they know that the competition will end up with back-to-back crashes, leading to several shivering moments.

Bezzecchi crashed initially.

Right after the match started and took a wonderful speed, the audience couldn't help but become stunned, watching Marco Bezzecchi slip. Jorge Martin then dominated the race, but Bezzecchi somehow managed to take his pace again and surpassed Martin.

Credit: MotoGPX

The group of racers followed Bezzecchi

As soon as Bezzecchi returned to his original form, Francesco Bagnaia lost control and fell during the 4th turn while chasing Bezzecchi. Following his match-closing crush, a video footage of the incident shows that he was driving beyond his limit, which landed him in a severe crash.

Bezzecchi’s impressive performance

Despite slipping during the initial phase, Bezzecchi regained his enthusiasm and demonstrated exceptional skill, landing him in the victory. He kept his position intact and crossed the finish line 8 seconds ahead of his competitor.

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