WATCH: Baseball Star Swings Flaming Bat, Launches Viral Hit Into the Stands

Amidst the banana balls’ rising popularity, baseball athlete’s eye-catching stunt took social media by storm. Recently, a video went viral as a baseball player demonstrated stunts with a fairing bat to leave the entire world ablaze.

The flaming bat drags the attention

One of the renowned athletes of Savannah Bananas, Alex Ziegler, stole the hearts of millions by performing a stunt with a flaming bat. He was spotted balancing the bat only with his mouth, leaving his fans speechless by his multi-dimensional skills.

Credit: Twitter

Ziegler’s swings are worth mentioning

Ziegler didn't end his exhibition at that point; instead, he performed a few swings with the flaming bat on his way to the pitch and performed baseball swings with the same.

Fans’ impressive reactions

Ziegler received noteworthy praise from his fans, followed by his performance. While a few raised concern about his safety, a few indicated the Banana Ball game as their new favorite.

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