WATCH: Boy Uses MMA Technique to Defend Against Bully, Resulting in Swift Knockout

Taking a stand against bullying is no doubt a brave activity. One needs to overcome the fear and confront the opponent in case of any kind of bullying. Something similar to this has happened recently to set the social media on fire. A video was shared on the X platform by the renowned page Fight Mate, where a boy can be spotted standing firm in front of his opponent. 

A boy took pleasure in bullying

The footage was captured by a bystander where the audience can see a boy wearing a grey hoodie bully an innocent boy. After a few moments of argument, the boy threw a punch, targeting the innocent boy's face. The same occurrence repeated, and that is when the other boy broke his silence. 

The innocent boy confronted bravely

Following the second punch, the innocent boy confronted instead of ignoring him. He stepped forward and gazed toward his opponent for a few seconds when the boy in the grey hoodie threw a punch again. The innocent boy, wearing a black dress, involved in a fight right at that moment, pushed his opponent to the ground and let him taste the earth through his concluding kick, targeting his opponent's head.

Credit: Twitter

Social media was left awestruck

Observing the boy’s MMA skills, social media couldn’t help but praise him. While a few expressed amusement watching him confront the rival, a few offered their acknowledging statements.

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