WATCH: Mid-Air Plane Collision During Skydiving Resurfaces, Leaving Online Surfers Stunned

Skydiving generates an adrenaline rush, drawing people to the adventurous sport. A recently surfaced clip of a plane collision in mid-air has brought the associated risks of the sport to the forefront, leaving online surfers stunned.

Thrilling dive turns disastrous

In 2013, two planes carrying skydivers collided in mid-air in northern Wisconsin. The clip shows skydivers preparing for a dive when one plane crashes into another, causing them to fall abruptly.
Credit:Crazy clips/ X

No casualties in the unfortunate accident

In the accident, one plane caught fire, went for a nose dive, and crashed while the other gained control and landed safely. The pilot and four skydivers safely parachuted from the crashed plane, resulting in no casualties and only minor injuries to two individuals.

Netizens react to the clip

The online surfers were shocked and concerned after watching the clip, sharing their thoughts in the comments section. While some asked about the safety of passengers, others pointed out the pilot's fault.

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