WATCH: Parkour Runner’s Dramatic Rooftop Fall Sparks Sympathy Among X’s Users

Parkour running is one of those sports that can easily land someone on a panic attack. It not only provides spine-chilling experiences to the performer but to the audiences as well. Recently, a close-to-death falling video during a parkour jump went viral on the internet to fuel the question, is it really necessary to have such sports in existence?

The parkour runner starts well

At the beginning, the audience can locate the performer, standing at the edge of a building and mapping his route. Soon after, he commenced his journey, which was quite impressive to some extent until the runner failed to reach his next target.

The incident is enough for panic striking

The runner successfully completed his two leaps, but he failed to catch his further destination during the third leap and slipped. However, to his utter goodluck, he somehow managed to grab the electric wires hanging there, which allowed him to hang loose up at that level. Later on, his friend pulled him up to the roof again.

Credit: Twitter

Fans’ reaction to such a frantic video

Needless to say, the video received several concerning reactions. While some analyzed the video in the comment box, at the same time, others raised the question of its existence, stating, "I will never understand parkour."

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