WATCH: Young Man Entangled in Bull Horns Amidst Lethal Race Rampage

Sports are simply meant for entertainment, but sometimes, this source of entertainment becomes the source of grief. The internet recently encountered a similar incident, where a young man faced a tragic situation during the bull race. Following the incident, the internet splits into two parts in terms of showing reactions.

The fatal incident occurred during a bull race

The bull race has been an exciting and spine-thrilling game since ancient times. Till now, the game continues to showcase its legacy. However, a brutal incident took place when a furious bull caught a young man and almost instantly wrapped around its horns.

Credit: Twitter

The boy was brutally injured

As soon as the bull got a hold of the boy, it showed no mercy; instead, it thrashed him with its horn and head. Not only that, it also lifted the man with its horn and thudded on the ground. Later on, the man somehow managed to get up and slipped inside a house around there. 

The incident got various reactions from the internet

The internet split in two as the video came online. While a few expressed their concerns about the man's health, a few spat harsh words against the game, stating, '...if you wanna abuse animals for some kind of sport then don't be surprised when you find out.'

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