VIDEO: Woman’s Comical Cycling Jump Fail & Unforgettable Scream Delights Instagram Users

How to bring the best out of some awkward situation is undoubtedly a trick, and it seems that the woman cyclist Marley Blonsky fathomed it adequately. She recently became a victim of a ramp cycling malfunction; however she posted the video to share her hilarious moment with her wide fan base. Let's dive deep to find out what actually happened.

Marley encountered a hilarious moment

In a recent Instagram post, Marley shared a moment where she can be spotted approaching a ramp cycling in front of an airbag. But unfortunately, the timing wasn't right, which landed her in a hilarious fall.

Credit: Marley Blonsky Instagram

She welcomed the comical moment

Without being embarrassed by her fall, she took pleasure in sharing the funny moment on Instagram. Not only did she fall, but she also cried out hysterically, adding amusement to the moment.

Marley is the epitome of positiveness

Following the video, she shared another video to talk about the negative comments she received concerning body shaming without being affected. Along with that, she also showcased her gratitude to those who spent their valuable time asking her about her well-being.

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