The world is confused about who will be the ultimate tennis GOAT. Nadal and Federer are still ahead of Djokovic in Grand Slam records. 

Let's have a look at the moments when Novak called Federer and Nadal the GOAT.


Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic

Credits: Youtube/Tennisislife

Swiss Mastero and Djokovic have faced each other in a lot of tournaments. They both have produced some of the best matches together.

When Djokovic called
Federer the GOAT 

Djokovic called Federer the best player in the sport and that its a dream for him to win against him.

Credits: Youtube/TennisTV

Rafael Nadal and
Novak Djokovic

Credits: Youtube/WivoRNPrdoductions

Nadal has stunned Djokovic a lot of times with his splendid performances. Even after having the greatest rivalry of all time, both share a lot of love and appreciation for each other.

When Djokovic called 
Nadal the GOAT

Novak said- " For me you are the greatest player ever" 

Credits: Youtube/TennisTV

Novak has won 19 Grand slams, while Nadal and Federer hold the record of 20.

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