$1.4 Million Fear Hits Close to ‘Home’ for Serena Williams’ Stepmother as She Is on the Verge of Losing Tiring Divorce Battle With ‘King’ Richard

19 March, 2023


What makes the divorce battle long are the constant allegations Richard makes against Lakeisha, from forgery to illegally selling off his possessions and property. Richard’s son Chavoita LeSane has also stepped in and has become the primary source of support in Richard’s legal battles. However, the proverbial noose around Lakeisha’s neck tightens by the day, with piling debts and mismanaged finances.

Serena and Venus Williams’ father Richard Williams is currently involved in a long-standing divorce battle with his wife Lakeisha Graham.

Serena Williams’ stepmother is on the verge of losing their family home and the situation is not getting prettier.

She has a whopping debt of around $1.4 million that she has to pay in order to dissolve all charges against her. However, things are getting harder for her as she is now left without the support of her husband or his family in this tedious battle.

Lakeisha is fighting in court against her main creditor and their fierce lawyers who do not seem to be taking mercy on her.

Earlier, Lakeisha has already suffered a loss of one property she owned after she failed to pay back a debt of $200,000.

To add to that, Richard Williams has put across a strong allegation against his ex-wife about taking over their house in Palm Beach, Florida after forging his signatures on the title deed, as reported by The Sun. After this, Lakeisha took a heavy loan from David Simon over a business idea which unfortunately failed.

However, losing this house will definitely be bringing back a lot of bad memories for Lakeisha.

She lost a house in 2009, owing to similar debts. This was before meeting Richard Williams. Now the two are engaged in a tedious divorce battle where the majority of the evidence is piling up against Lakeisha.



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