18-Year-Old Coco Gauff Narrates Boxing Bout With Brother as She Gets Ready to Take on Emma Raducanu at 2023 Australian Open – ‘I Enjoyed..’

Coco Gauff has carried forward her good form from last year in the Australian Open 2023. The 18-year-old started the tournament with a massive win. Up next, she will face the tough task of defeating former US Open champion Emma Raducanu. However, the American looked relaxed and spoke about her interests other than tennis. Gauff spoke about learning to box and how she would love to have a match with her brother.

Coco Gauff has developed an interest in boxing.

Gauff has always been very clear about her goals. She never tried her hand at other sports and focused only on tennis. Hence, she was initially reluctant to try boxing. However, she improved with time.

What did Gauff say?

Speaking about her boxing lessons, the 18-year-old said, “I was like ‘guys, I don’t do this, I play tennis’, I’m the furthest away from this sport that I could be. The boxing instructor is a fighter and he said I improved in the three weeks I did with him.”

She had more to add.

She further added, “When he told me I improved, I was like ‘yes finally’ because I looked so bad at the start. So that made me really happy. I also got to do it with my brother Codey, so it was nice bonding with him. He thinks he’s a fighter, so I enjoyed trying to beat him up!”

Gauff believes the pressure is more on Raducanu.

As per Gauff, after winning a Major title for her country after a long gap, Emma Raducanu has more weight of expectations on her shoulders.

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