18-Year-Old Coco Gauff Reveals Plans Featuring Drake and Jaden Smith to Revolutionize the Not-So-Cool Tennis

12 March, 2023


In a recent interview, Gauff revealed that she has plans to revolutionize the sport of tennis. Fans were surprised to hear that it involves none other than Drake and Jaden Smith.

Coco Gauff has been making headlines ever since she burst onto the tennis court as a 15-year-old in the 2019 Wimbledon Championships. The 18-year-old tennis sensation is known for her fearless attitude on the court. She has won over fans with her impressive performances against some of the biggest names in the game.

Coco Gauff expresses her desire to change the world of tennis.

During a recent press conference, Gauff was asked what rule or tradition she would change in tennis if given the chance. After some thought, she came up with a unique idea: allowing players to choose their walkout song. 

Gauff wishes to revolutionize the game by adding a touch of pop culture.

What was Gauff thinking?

Gauff believes that choosing a walkout song would be a fun and cool addition to the “not so cool” aspect of tennis, something that could attract younger fans to the sport. The idea is not entirely new, as it is common in other sports like boxing.

However, in tennis, players have no say in the music played during their introduction.

“I wish players could choose their walkout song when they walk on the court. I think that would be a cool little thing to add.”

Gauff stated,

Which songs would Gauff choose during her walkout?

Gauff named “Icon” by Jaden Smith and “Grinding All My Life” by Nipsey Hussle as her top picks. She also mentioned that she had been listening to “Love Me” by Lil Wayne and Drake, but she wasn’t sure if it would be appropriate. Fans were excited to hear about her desire to bring more diversity and pop culture to tennis.

When asked about which songs she would choose, 



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