41-Year-Old Serena Williams, a Busy Mom, Reveals How She Overprioritizes Daughter Olympia’s Needs -’Don’t Do Serena Stuff’

Serena Williams is pretty confident about her multitasking skills. The 41-year-old has played the role of a tennis player, a businesswoman, and a mother simultaneously. While we admire her for her ability to multitask, there’s something she may be missing out on. It’s taking care of herself. Having been immensely busy post motherhood, the 41-year-old hasn’t really taken out time for herself. Recently, the former world number one spoke about the same. 

Serena Williams on focusing on herself.

Serena Williams is an outstanding athlete. She is a brilliant venture capitalist. She takes good care of her daughter. However, does Serena take out time to enjoy and take care of herself? Does she spend at least a little time indulging? The legend answered these important questions in a recent podcast.

What did Serena say?

Here’s what she said. “It’s not easy, and that’s why I said I can do better because I do all this stuff. I do my work and then I do VC stuff and then I do Olympia stuff, my daughter. But I don’t do Serena stuff. And I am still trying to figure out the balance of how to prioritize myself.”

Serena had more to add.

Serena further added, “It is hard. As a mom, it is like Olympia wants to do this and she wants to do that. I’m like I can do that, I can do this and there’s no time for me. So it’s like I’m still trying to figure that out.”

Serena on mental fitness.

Being Serena Williams is not easy. There’s always a lot of expectation. People are always keen to ask questions and pull you down. Explaining how she copes, she said that the simplest way was to switch the outside world off. She further added that it is important at that moment to think about yourself and the mental health requirement.

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