‘Am I Being Rude?’ – Serena Williams Once Left Fans Perplexed Owing to Her Friendship With Michelle Obama

back in 2012, after her fifth Wimbledon title, she had a special supporter who cheered her for her subsequent victory at the 2012 London Olympics. The then First Lady of the United States(FLOTUS), Michelle Obama, flew to London to cheer Team USA through their Olympics journey. And she was present when Serena started her singles journey at the Olympics. But to the surprise of millions of people watching, the FLOTUS did not sit in the Royal Box with other dignitaries. the younger Williams sister opened up about her relationship with the then First Lady Michelle Obama.

When Michelle Obama ditched the Royal Box at London Olympics for Serena Williams.

In the post-match conference, Williams opened up about her rapport with the then FLOTUS. She referred to the first lady informally on a first-name basis. 

And when enquired about this development, Williams reacted.

Williams reacted by saying, “Oops, am I being rude?” She added, “She’s so cool. I’ve met her several times. I feel comfortable saying ‘Michelle’, and I think she wants the people to feel that way.”

What surprised many fans around the globe was the fact that Michelle Obama ditched the prestigious Royal Box.

Williams revealed, “They asked me did I mind if she sat in the family box. I was like, ‘of course not’. Please, it would be my honor. I mean, I love Michelle.”

2012 Olympics was special for the Williams sisters.

The 2012 Olympics was special for the American champion, as she claimed her first Olympics gold in the singles category, in addition to claiming the doubles title with sister Venus Williams. 

In the quest to equal Margaret Court’s record.

The 23-time Grand Slam champion would look forward to converting the upcoming US Open opportunity to equal Margaret Court’s majestic record of 24 Grand Slam titles.

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