‘Blew Me off the Court’- Chris Evert Looks Back at Her Astounding Rivalry With Martina Navratilova and the Negative Impact of Her 13-Match Losing Streak

Chris Evert, recently spoke about her infamous rivalry with her close friend Martina Navratilova. The two American girls dominated the world back in the era of 1970s and 80s. However, a match between these two was on a completely different level. While the first few matches between them went in Evert’s favor, Navratilova largely dominated the 80s. In the start of the decade, Evert found herself in a 13-match losing streak against Navratilova. However, she regained her confidence and finally broke the two and half-year curse to win in her 14th attempt. Here’s what the legend recalls about the mental impact of a losing streak.

Chris Evert on her losing streak.

In a recent podcast, Evert opened up about the thoughts inside her mind when she kept losing to her compatriot Navratilova. 

What did Evert say?

 “She was so dominant. She just blew me off the court for two and a half years. And I was I’d walk on the court and I go, I just like, I knew I was gonna lose. And it’s not the right way. You know, I wish I hadn’t felt that way. But she just she owned me during those two and a half years,” Evert said.

Further, Evert revealed how she overcame this feeling.

“I don’t know how but that 14th match, I beat her. And then after I beat her, I beat her again and again and again. So I finally realized I just was so stubborn. I didn’t want to change my game, but I changed my game and I beat her,” she concluded.

Evert reveals her calm nature is restricted only to the court.

In her playing days, Evert had a reputation for having a cool head. Reflecting on her ability on the court, Evert said she was able to do it only inside the tennis court. Speaking about her personal life, Evert revealed her personal life as a ‘wreck.’

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