Chris Rock References Serena Williams’ Glorifying Legacy To Sarcastically Bash Digital Attention Seekers

06 March, 2023


Recently, the renowned comedian Chris Rock pointed out Williams’ example of being the greatest in the tennis world while sharing a contradictory statement about what attention means to him.

Some people crave attention, and some people earn the same in the form of respect by excelling at a skill with their hard work and dedication. The latter is the American tennis legend, Serena Williams.

Chris Rock takes Serena Williams’ example as an attention-seeking technique.

He delivered an electric stand-up performance and spilled a lot of secrets about the Will Smith fiasco. In that, while talking about attention, he focused on how different people get it in different ways.

Chris Rock earlier performed a live stand-up set called “Chris Rock: Selective Outrage” on Netflix.

he sarcastically referred to a point about Serena Williams' sports legacy. 

Additionally, he bashed all digital attention seekers out there, who are running away from doing all the hard work but crave attention.

What did Chris Rock say?

“Easiest way to get attention, to be excellent. That’s right. Like Serena Williams, the greatest tennis player to ever play the game. Absolutely excellent, being excellent will get you attention. But it’s hard being excellent. You’ve got to get up in the morning. you’ve got to work out, you’ve got to practice.”

He said,


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