‘Why Do You Hate Nadal?’ – Serena Williams’ Ex-coach Patrick Mouratoglou’s Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal Snub Irks Tennis Fans

Published 03/05/2023, 12:57 AM EST

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The world of tennis is not new to rivalries, and one of the most talked-about in recent years has been the one between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Both players were at the top of the game for well over two decades. Their clashes on the court have been some of the most memorable in tennis history for fans all over the globe. However, the former coach of Serena Williams, Patrick Mouratoglou, has a different view.

Despite their many achievements, it seems that the coach is not a fan of both Federer and Nadal. This was made clear when the French coach recently avoided both players in his latest Instagram reel when he mentioned top returners in history, much to the dismay of fans.

Roger Federer fans irked by the latest reel by Mouratoglou


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The founder of the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy, recently posted a reel on Instagram. He mentioned some of the top returners in tennis history. His list included names like Novak Djokovic, Andre Agassi, and many other elite tennis players. However, there was no mention of Federer or Nadal, who are widely considered as two of the greatest players of all time.


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The coach picked Novak Djokovic as the best returner in his Insta reel. Unsurprisingly, both Federer and Nadal fans were unhappy, and they showcased it in the comments section. Many argued that Federer and Nadal should have been included in the list.


An eager fan commented, “Nadal? Federer? Murray? They managed to return and break the serve of Isner, Karlovic, Opelka so many times. You really have to return well to manage to do that.” 

An angry fan added, “I am a Federer fan but agree that Novak is the best returner in history and Federer is not in the top 5. However, any list of the best returners in history that doesn’t include Nadal and Murray can’t be taken seriously.”

Others defended Mouratoglou’s choices, arguing that Djokovic was clearly the best returner in tennis history. A loyal fan shared, “Good shout on those returners. like the point about Agassi returning against Pete Sampras as he was one of the biggest servers in his time. I do feel worthy shout outs would be Federer and Murray as they had to contend with the likes of Roddick, Karlovic and Isner.”

Fans also pointed out that Nadal’s return percentage was among the best in the game. Other fan shared, “Agassi definitely over Nalbandian. Agassi and Djokovic clearly the top two. Nadal has to be up there if only because his return percentage.” 

Another user was amused that the French coach missed the Spanish tennis legend’s name. He commented, “why do you hate nadal😂”. He received a prompt reply from another user who tried to understand the probable reason. “@rafaelseveduvivier probs Nadal academy is one his biggest competitors. or not! dunno.”

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While there may be some disagreement over who the top returners in tennis history are, one thing is certain: Federer and Nadal have left an indelible mark on the sport. As for Mouratoglou’s list, it is just one person’s opinion, and ultimately, it is up to each individual fan to decide who they believe deserves to be included.


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Mouratoglou recently defended the Nole on social media

A few weeks ago, Mouratoglou defended his stance on the Serb. After the coach commented on Nakajima’s remarks about Djokovic, the comments section received mixed reactions. While some supported his views, others opposed them, and a few remained neutral. However, one Twitter user criticized Mouratoglou for his mindset. They asked Mouratoglou whether he encouraged the children in his academy to behave like Nadal and Federer or like Djokovic.

Mouratoglou’s response gained him more support from people. He replied that he advises children in his academy to be themselves and not imitate someone else’s personality. The French coach often faces criticism from social media users, and his defense of Djokovic could have stemmed from empathy, as the Serbian legend is also similarly ostracized.


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Let us know what you think about Mouratoglou’s latest Insta reel, in your comments below.


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