‘Dad Life Hits Different’ – Serena Williams’ Husband on Fatherhood As He Dozes Off in the Middle of an NBA Game

Being a parent is not easy. Even harder when your kid is a toddler. Serena Williams, and Alexis Ohanian are both parents to a five-year daughter, Olympia Ohanian. They are constantly on their feet as parents while they are with her. And Ohanian’s recent tweet is proof of him being a busy parent. 

Alexis Ohanian shares a sneak peek of his parenting life.

Being an NBA fan along with being a parent is not a simple job as it seems. The American businessman took to his Twitter account, to share his routine after he finished his dad’s chores and watches an NBA match.

Ohanian's Tweet.

He also praised, Giannis Antetokounmpo in his Tweet.

He praised, Giannis Antetokounmpo, for his superb start for his team during yesterday’s match. The match was played between the Bucks and the Philadelphia. And not only did they had a great start, but they also finished the game with grace and won against the 76ers.

However, after giving an update he also commented on his Tweet.

 He was not able to take a night off and watch basketball peacefully. However, instead of that, he slept after watching the first set of the game.

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