Disruptor Serena Williams Comes up With a Trend-Setting Move Inside Her $6.7 Million Miami Mansion With Help From Sister Venus Williams’ Owned Multi-Million-Dollar Worth Company


The official Instagram page of kitchen specialists, Officine Gullo, shared the spectacular images of  Williams’s new kitchen. The elder sister Venus also had a prominent role in bringing the kitchen to life as well.

Serena Williams’ Miami home’s kitchen turns out to be a thing of beauty

Officine Gullo, an Italian company that specializes in kitchens and appliances, recently shared a surreal image of Serena’s stupendous kitchen space on Instagram.

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Serena Williams

I know sleep is extremely important to help the body heal. 

 According to the top kitchen designers around right now, this aspect of Serena’s kitchen is something that will dominate kitchen island trends in the near future.

Being the perfectionist, she brought her private chef into the equation. She asked for his advice on how the kitchen’s design should be. 

A brief glimpse into the history of Serena’s Miami abode

Apart from consisting of numerous master bedrooms and luxurious bathrooms, Serena’s waterfront Miami abode also boasts a sauna, a gym, an infinity pool, a karaoke room, and a wine cellar.

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