Distressing $45,000,000 Serena Williams’ Reality Leaves a Gaping Void That Looks Impossible for Coco Gauff, Iga Swiatek, and Others to Breach


Forbes recently released the List of Highest Paid Athletes in 2023, and unsurprisingly, it failed to feature the names of any young female players. The only female athlete in the Top 50 was Serena Williams, whose on-court earnings were dwarfed by Roger Federer’s.

WTA Tennis stars miss out on the Forbes list

 In the early 70s, tennis saw many radical changes, thanks to the efforts of the Original Nine. The nine women, spearheaded by veteran Billie Jean King, were the first to take a stand against gender discrimination. Many in the community, however, would argue that there is still a long way to go.

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Serena Williams

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Before bidding the sport farewell, Serena earned $45.3 million making her world no. 49 in the Top 50 highest-paid athletes group by Forbes. The pressing issue is that she is the only female player featured on the Forbes list.

Federer has checked in $95.1 million, which is more than double the on-court income of Serena Williams.

Williams has slotted less money than the Swiss Maestro

The rising apprehension around the financial growth of young female tennis players is only going to rise. Williams has bid the sport farewell, so her presence on the 2024 edition of the list is unlikely.

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