Head of $111,000,000 Worth Venture, Serena Williams’ Empathy in Full Display as Entrepreneur Reveals Touching Moment Amid Silicon Valley Bank Collapse


A recent article published by Business Insider details how Williams wasted no time in bringing relief to the panic-stricken investors. It proved that she stayed true to everything she said in the days leading up to her retirement last year.

Serena used all her seed-investment experience and expertise to help startup founders

Williams’ seed-investment journey started a decade back, and now, she’s one of the world’s top female seed investors. In her interview, Williams said, “I also know what it looks like to be incredibly talented and not given the exposure because of the color of your skin”. She added, “It’s another reason I love investing – to close that gap”.

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Serena Williams

I know sleep is extremely important to help the body heal. 

For instance, Williams contacted Juno Medical founder and CEO Akili Hanson. According to Hansen, Williams sent her a text saying, “Hey, I just want to know that you guys are OK”. This incredible gesture from Williams went a long way towards ensuring troubled startup founders that someone was there by their side when it matters most.

At the time, Williams said that she would be devoting her time to her family and venture capital. Judging by her moves prior to and since retirement, it’s fair to say that Williams has stuck to her word.

How has Serena Williams stayed true to her words before retiring from tennis?

According to Williams, the venture capital ecosystem needed an inclusive player. The firm mainly focuses on supporting businesses led by women and people from minority communities.

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