‘P**sed at..’- After Facing a Major Interruption During Her US Open Semi Final, Coco Gauff Delivers Her Verdict on the Disruptive Incident


9th, Sept 2023

Gauff, undeterred, later shared her thoughtful perspective on the matter amid her triumph. 

At just 19, Coco Gauff consistently showcases maturity both on and off the tennis court. During her recent US Open semi-final victory over Karolina Muchova, unexpected environmental protests occurred. 

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Coco Gauff's Triumph Amidst Unexpected US Open Protest

In a remarkable US Open semi-final showdown, 19-year-old Coco Gauff faced an unexpected interruption when four environmental protesters stood up wearing "End Fossil Fuels" T-shirts. 

A Defining Moment

Security removed three, but the fourth glued his feet to the floor, requiring doctors for safe removal, causing a 50-minute delay in Gauff's victory.

During her post-match conference, Gauff shared her views on the issue, emphasizing the importance of such moments in history, even though she didn't know the specific cause of the protest. 

She expressed her belief in climate change and acknowledged the need for improvement.

While she candidly admitted her preference for the protest not happening during her match, Gauff understood the bigger picture and decided to move past the incident with grace and maturity.

Coco Gauff's Uninterrupted Determination

Amid her lead of 1-0 in the second set, Coco Gauff faced an unexpected 50-minute pause in her match due to environmental protests. 

Navigating Through US Open Protest Pause

Remarkably, she refrained from accusing the protestors, recognizing the stadium's frustration for the interruption.

Gauff exhibited understanding and respect for the protestors' motive, who were part of the Extinction Rebellion social movement. 

This group previously made headlines during Wimbledon protests, decrying Wimbledon's association with Barclays during the major tournament. 



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