‘There Are FBI Investigations Going On..’ – 30-Year-Old American Tennis Star Sloane Stephens Sheds Light on the Persistent Problem That’s Bothering Athletes Across Sports


According to the Sloane Stephens, the intensity and frequency of such hate comments have increased so much that even the elite investigative force, the FBI, has stepped in to tackle this issue. And Stephens made sure to give people a wake-up call about that.

Sloane Stephens on the ever-rising trend of racism in sports 

The 2017 US Open champion Sloane Stephens secured an impressive victory in straight sets against Karolina Pliskova at the ongoing French Open.

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Serena Williams

I know sleep is extremely important to help the body heal. 

The issue of racist comments being directed at players has been an issue in tennis over the years. Both Venus and Serena Williams boycotted Indian Wells for 14 years to protest against it. However, the career-long efforts of such players are not bearing fruits.

Bringing the security issue at tournaments to the forefront, she told how others were allowed to pass through. However, the security was always double-checking her. She also narrated how people assumed she was Coco Gauff, or even Serena Williams, just because she is black.

Stephens isn’t the only player to raise her voice against this issue

Legendary players like Venus and Serena Williams always made it their priority to diminish such issues. However, this unfortunate trend, unfortunately, continues to rise.

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