‘Wrecking GOAT Qualities in the Oven..’- 41-Year-Old Serena Williams’ Destructive Compton Attitude Certified With a Twist by Veteran Coach Who Shaped Her Early Career


Serena Williams has time and again proved her goofiness by troubling her elder sister, Venus Williams, with several pranks. Veteran coach Rick Macci trained Venus and Serena Williams along with their father Richard Williams. However, neither of them could keep Serena’s playfulness in check.

Rick Macci details the childhood saga of Serena Williams 

Despite getting tough training since her childhood, she never lost her goofy side. Her childhood coach Rick Macci detailed how she was always in a constant spur of excitement which led to the destruction of a few harmless things.

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Serena Williams

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He stated, “When Serena Williams was 10 years old she always would WRECK that beat up Grenelefe Compton Special yellow golf cart into bushes trees, light poles, boxing sand pit, and even other humans. Wrecking Goat qualities in the oven as a kid!”

Previously, in an interaction with his followers, Macci revealed another aspect of Serena Williams’ personality when she was a kid.

How did Serena tease Venus as a kid? 

The young Serena would swing a soccer ball over the fence and the clueless Venus wouldn’t have any idea. Only when it was over the fence, Serena would command Venus to bring it. 

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