Best Moments of AEW Superstar CM Punk in WWE

CM Punk was an integral part of WWE when he was working with the company. During this time, he had selected matches and promos which became iconic moments in WWE’s history.

Let's find out those moments!

Taking a shot at Triple H

Credit: YouTube/WWE

On WWE Raw: August 29th, 2011, Punk took a shot at Triple H when he indicated it’s Stephanie McMahon who makes the decision and HHH just tags along

Turning Heel 

Credit: YouTube/WWE

On WWE Raw 1000: July 23rd, 2012, CM Punk turned heel when he attacked The Rock after The Great One interrupted a match between The Big Show and John Cena

Defeating John Cena at Money in the Bank 2011

Credit: YouTube - SK Editz Expert

CM Punk defeated John Cena at Money in the Bank 2011 to become the new WWE Champion, shocking and upsetting WWE Chairman Vince McMahon

Leaves WWE with WWE championship

Credit: YouTube/WWE

After becoming the new WWE Champion, CM Punk blew Vince McMahon a kiss before running off with the title through the Chicago crowd at Money in the Bank 2011

‘Pipebomb’ promo

Credit: YouTube - Tap Out Corner

Heading 2

On WWE Raw: June 6th, 2011, CM Punk cut a promo where he revealed all the times WWE wronged him and called out several Superstars, making it one of the best promos in WWE’s history

Bringing up Jeff hardy’s past

Credit: YouTube - Gi2lesAwesome

Punk brought up Jeff Hardy’s troubled past on WWE SmackDown after Hardy injured his eye and he had to use prescription medication to heal it