From Roman Reigns
to The Rock,
WWE Superstars Who Changed Their Personas to Become Megastars

Whenever a superstar becomes stale in the eyes on the WWE Universe, he/she usually turn heel or face.

However, there are certain persona changes that made these wwe superstars the most legendary names in the business

The Birth of
Austin 3:16

After winning the 1996 King of the Ring, Steve Austin cut the infamous "Austin 3:16 says" promo and marked the birth of 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin

Credit: YouTube/WWE

The Rock's Rise
to Becoming
People's Champion

The Rock sold out & joined The Corporation, thus giving the birth to the People's Champion as his popularity continued to grow with his verbal smackdowns

Credit: YouTube/WWE

WWE Gets It's 
'Deadman' Back

After being buried alive by his brother, Kane, in 2003, Taker reverted to his old 'Deadman' ways for WrestleMania XX.
He continued to be the 'Deadman' until
his retirement

Credit: YouTube/WWE


Cena’s rise to superstardom began when he dropped his Doctor of Thuganomics gimmick. He became the perfect righteous babyface and the rest is history

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Edge Gets

Edge adopted the his infamous nickname 'Rated-R Superstar' after a live s** segment with Lita on an episode of
WWE Raw 

Credit: YouTube/WWE

WElcome your
'Tribal Chief'

Roman Reigns has quickly become WWE’s biggest superstar since becoming the 'Tribal Chief.' It's a no brainer he's on his way to megastardom

Credit: YouTube/WWE